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New Stripz added to the Inlayz range


With the demand for carbon strips to be added on standard boards for strength, it has been found that you can effect the flex of your board and loose that lively feel.

The carbon look has been something of the norm since "Kelly" made it popular in the 90's yet the percentage of people who really get the full benefit of the stiffness they have now applied to their board in having this carbon strip is very low.

So here at Inlayz we have created our own Stripz that come in various styles to suit the look your after. Yes they will add some strength down the stringer, but your flex will remain the same.

We can also customize Stripz to create you own look complete with your company logo for board manufactures or even copy the full deck Inlayz main feature to be a apart of the Stripz.

Stripz come trimmed, ready to go, saving you time which mean money!

Check out some of the ones on offer in the Stripz tab or contact us about creating your own.