Inlayz are a killer new technology made for surfers that is not just a SURFBOARD DESIGN for your surfboard….

Inlayz is our brand name and a mark of strength and quality in surfboard graphics.

Its a graphics gallery with hundreds of surfboard designs!

Its proven technology that enhances the strength of your laminate, resisting deck sink and depressions.

Inlayz are engineer tested and proven to strengthen the impact resistance of your laminates.

Its a clever technology that stops your foam from yellowing.

Its the breakthrough that closes the loop in surfboard customisation.

The online store is a place where graphic designers from around the globe offer their surfboard art and surfboard designs to millions of surfers worldwide, so they can customise their surfboards with art.

Its a place where YOU CAN upload your OWN styled graphics and order Inlayz online.

Its a flexible website that we customize for surfboard manufacturers (affiliates) so they can have their own Inlayz galleries just for their customers for free!

This is INLAYZ & they cost as little as $49 (AUD).